Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pottery: Cat and Jewellery Workshop - Day 1

Today Susan Jorgensen came to BACG for our Cat and Jewellery Workshop.

Day one saw a few demonstrations of bothy jewellery making and cat building.

This is an example of some of the jewellery Suzy brought with her to show us. Made with porcelain clay, they are very finely made. There were also some examples using Japanese tissue transfer.

This is some of the jewellery made today. It will be left to dry and underglazes added before bisque firing.


Suzy began by showing us how to coil build a cats body.

She also demonstrated a really simple way of making the large coils so the build goes more quickly.

After lunch, and after much 'body building', Suzy demonstrated how to build a cat's face. This was a fairly quick demonstration, as some attendees were not able to return tomorrow for the second day of the workshop.

Using a slab (for speed), Suzy showed us how to mark out and begin to build the features onto the cat's face.

This was really starting to look like a cat once the ears started to go on!

Here are some of the pieces created so far...

 Ilsa's cat

Jan's cat

Kerry's cat and the start of the head

Elaine's cat (which is going inside a pot rather than onto a body)

There will be more pictures after the second day of the workshop...

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