Thursday, July 26, 2012

Call for past members of BACG

Blacktown Arts and Crafts Group is gathering information, photos, and memories about BACG to put together a history of the group. We would love to hear from past members willing to share their experiences taking classes, volunteering or being involved in activities or the Committee over the past 36 years.

We have been searching our archives for photos, newsletters, and articles and putting together a timeline of events that have been a part of the group since 1976. It will be fun to put together stories with the happenings in and around The Huts from people who took part in such activities as the Crafty Bunyip Festival, clothing parades, Mothers Memories, Pam Green Exhibitions, and the art, pottery and craft classes.

Please phone 9622 7589 or email bacginc (at)

We'd love to hear from you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fibre: 'Touch of Elegance' quilt

 This beautiful silver and black quilt was made by Rita

The quilting was done by Sue Olma from So She Quilts.

Fibre: Latest patchwork from Karin

These are the latest pieces that Karin has completed in our Tuesday group...

A 'What-Knot' - a handy tool to store pins and needles

Table runner

Well done Karin!

Art: Silk Painting on Mondays

Monday mornings at BACG mean Silk Painting class.

The talented members who are a part of this class create beautiful work. This morning, Maureen began a new piece, the photo above showing her applying gutta (pronounced goo-ter) to the silk. The gutta stops the paints from running into each other, if that is the effect you want.

Once the gutta is applied, the painting begins.

Salt is used to create different effects, much like in watercolours.

Once this piece is finished, I'll post a picture of the finished work.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knitting: Simple, Beautiful Scarf

This easy to knit scarf was made by Trish. Using a fine silk and mohair yarn, this knitted up quickly on large needles. Warm and beautiful.

This is a simple pattern:

Cast on
Row 1-3: Knit 3 rows
Row 4: K2, (yarn over, knit 2 together) to last sticth, K1
Repeat rows 1-4 until scarf is the desired length
Cast off

Can't get easier than that!

I knitted two of these in a week - the blue in 8ply yarn, the plum in 14ply
Thanks Trish!

Butterfly Quilt for charity

Today the finishing touches were added to a beautiful Butterfly Quilt, a joint effort by members of our Fibre group.

The quilt will be donated by BACG to Lifestyle Group 90, which is a Vietnam veterans and partners group that raises funds for community projects and charities. 

Proceeds from the quilt will go to the Danii Meads-Barlow Memorial Fund. The funds will be used directly in the development of an appropriate alarm device for the pump used by diabetics approaching hypo-glycaemia. The alarm will send an urgent alert, not only should the pump malfunction, but in its design, will alert of a pending emergency of the sufferer of this dreadful disease.

The quilt will be given to representatives from Lifestyle Group 90 at the BACG general meeting on September 4.