Monday, August 1, 2011

Pottery group Update - July 2011

The last 3 months have been a busy time in the pottery hut with a high level of student production.
So busy were our potters that we ran out of Paper Stoneware clay almost as soon as it arrived! This clay is popular, because of its versatility and sympathy to fine detail. Student trends cannot be predicted so where paper clay has been extensively used so far this year perhaps another type of clay may prove more suitable for upcoming projects next term.
On Tuesday 14th June a group of employees from Blacktown City Council visited the Arts and Crafts Group to look at the activities on offer and to participate in a hands-on experience in the pottery hut with teachers Carolyn and Ilona. The exercise revealed some exciting ‘first timer’ hidden talent! It was a happy and productive morning for everyone involved and indeed an interesting and positive initiative from Blacktown City Council.
In July there was another full day workshop with Cheryl Jones. You may remember the Egyptian Paste Workshop earlier in the year when students learnt to make Egyptian beads from self-glazing, glossy clay mixes known as paste and colouring powders including familiar oxides… This time Cheryl shared the art of making traditional Egyptian tiles. These were originally used to create colourful and decorative floors, walls and furniture that we can still admire today, so we were excited to see the ideas and challenges that Cheryl put before us!

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