Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exhibition: Mixed Up Moments opens Saturday 19th November

An exhibition featuring works by the teachers and students of the Blacktown Arts and Crafts group Inc will be held at Potters Needs Gallery, 75 Curtis Street, Oberon NSW from Saturday, 19th November 2011 at 3.00pm (Exhibition opening) until 19th January, 2012.

Behind this talented group of potters is ceramicist Ilona Ede, who has spent many years guiding and inspiring the students.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pam Green Open Day - Sunday 25 September 2011 - All welcome

This Sunday is the Pam Green Open Day.

Demonstrations, displays and stalls of the many arts and crafts created by the talented members of BACG.

9.30am to 4pm
The Huts, Blacktown Showground
via Kent Rd or Richmond Rd

Everyone welcome.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilt-as-you-Go Day, July 2011

Quilt as you go day was a fun day for all involved. Brenda had quite a few of the girls doing their best with free motion sewing. Once they had some of their squares quilted she taught them how to put them together in the quilt as you go style.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pottery group Update - July 2011

The last 3 months have been a busy time in the pottery hut with a high level of student production.
So busy were our potters that we ran out of Paper Stoneware clay almost as soon as it arrived! This clay is popular, because of its versatility and sympathy to fine detail. Student trends cannot be predicted so where paper clay has been extensively used so far this year perhaps another type of clay may prove more suitable for upcoming projects next term.
On Tuesday 14th June a group of employees from Blacktown City Council visited the Arts and Crafts Group to look at the activities on offer and to participate in a hands-on experience in the pottery hut with teachers Carolyn and Ilona. The exercise revealed some exciting ‘first timer’ hidden talent! It was a happy and productive morning for everyone involved and indeed an interesting and positive initiative from Blacktown City Council.
In July there was another full day workshop with Cheryl Jones. You may remember the Egyptian Paste Workshop earlier in the year when students learnt to make Egyptian beads from self-glazing, glossy clay mixes known as paste and colouring powders including familiar oxides… This time Cheryl shared the art of making traditional Egyptian tiles. These were originally used to create colourful and decorative floors, walls and furniture that we can still admire today, so we were excited to see the ideas and challenges that Cheryl put before us!

Fibre Group Update - July 2011

The fibre girls have had a productive few months with some exciting little ventures along the way. Many of the girls have been busy with their own projects.
Through April Brenda taught the girls to do a crazy patchwork block which went down an absolute treat! We are now considering emptying our scrap baskets a little by doing some more in the future to make cushions for our rooms. Nicole began her Sampler quilt with Marie, Jill, Pat and Helen. We also had a class in Candlewicking at the insistence of Rae. Some of the girls picked it up beautifully while others - like Rae... well anyway... Maybe we'll try it again later in the year.
May saw the end results of Madelene's Secret Women's Business and what gorgeous results they were. We have 19 blocks to now put together into a quilt. We are all very nervous about the future Mystery bag that she has promised to bestow on us. Nicole's little class continued with Nicole beginning to learn a whole new level of patience (just kidding J). The bus trip to Campbelltown, and Camden was enjoyed by all, even with an early start. Lunch was lovely in Macathur Park.
For our community sewing this month, the ladies tackled the folded baskets beautifully, whilst others are making great progress on the crocheted caps and little bags, many thanks girls.
June saw Brenda teaching free motion sewing which had everyone in fits of laughter and deep concentration all wrapped into one! Nicole's girls continued with the sampler quilt.
On the 22nd of June a few of the ladies made their way into town for the Sydney Quilt Show. What a day they had!! To begin with Brenda caught her 1st bus in possibly 30 years! Then once all were at the station, onto the train they went. When they arrived at the show they began to shop and look and enjoy themselves. Lunch was had and back to the show they went agreeing to meeting up to go home at 2.30pm.... well now it has been decided that seeing how Helen should not be left to her own devices she will need to be strapped to someone responsible whenever similar outings are held !
July has brought the completion of Nicole's sampler by Marie, with Pat, Jill and Helen not far behind. Brenda is teaching those interested quilt as you go methods. Marie has found a different way to quilt as you go too.
We all look forward to more fun in the next few months with Maru and a bus trip just around the corner.
I'd also like to finally remind you all of the cleaning roster, if you have not as yet had a turn please pop your name up on the list to save other doing it by themselves or doing it more than once.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Egyptian Bead Making Workshop

In April, members were lucky to take part in an Egyptian Paste (the ancient art of making Egyptian jewellery) workshop with Cheryl Jones in our Pottery workroom at The Huts.

Here are some photos from the day...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Come to the Blacktown City Show - 11-13 March 2011

The Blacktown City Show starts on Friday 11 March at Blacktown Showground. BACG will be involved in organising the art and craft sections in the show, so please come along and visit and see the wonderful work of some very talented local people.

If you wish to enter some art and/or craft in the exhibition, please deliver your work to The Huts, Blacktown Showground, via Kent Rd, Blacktown, between 5pm - 8pm on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th March. $2 entry fee per item entered. Entry forms are available at The Huts.