Sunday, November 14, 2010

Susan Jorgensen Ceramics Workshop - Animals

On the weekend of 13/14 November, ten lucky students took part in a workshop with Susan Jorgensen. We were going to learn how to make ceramic animal sculptures.

Setting up for the workshop
There was a mix of students from BACG and TAFE, which meant a great mix of talent and a chance to see how different people work.

Introduction to creating animals
Susan began the day with a short talk introducing her work to those students that didn't know her and discussing the process of creating animals. And then it was off to work... Susan spent time with each student individually, working around the room as she was needed in each person's process.

As new techniques needed to be explained, she invited all the students to gather round a particular work area and demonstrate to the whole class. We saw the techniques improve each piece as she worked with each student.

At work

Everyone was very satisfied with their work at the end of day one, and couldn't wait to get back the next day.

Some of the works-in-progress

By the end of the workshop, some fine pieces had been created. There was still work to be done, but the guidance of Susan meant that the students could keep working with confidence they were headed in the right direction with their piece.

Many thanks to Susan for coming to BACG and sharing her wealth of knowledge with our students. And thanks to Ilona and Stan for providing a wonderful lunch each day.