Sunday, November 14, 2010

Susan Jorgensen Ceramics Workshop - Animals

On the weekend of 13/14 November, ten lucky students took part in a workshop with Susan Jorgensen. We were going to learn how to make ceramic animal sculptures.

Setting up for the workshop
There was a mix of students from BACG and TAFE, which meant a great mix of talent and a chance to see how different people work.

Introduction to creating animals
Susan began the day with a short talk introducing her work to those students that didn't know her and discussing the process of creating animals. And then it was off to work... Susan spent time with each student individually, working around the room as she was needed in each person's process.

As new techniques needed to be explained, she invited all the students to gather round a particular work area and demonstrate to the whole class. We saw the techniques improve each piece as she worked with each student.

At work

Everyone was very satisfied with their work at the end of day one, and couldn't wait to get back the next day.

Some of the works-in-progress

By the end of the workshop, some fine pieces had been created. There was still work to be done, but the guidance of Susan meant that the students could keep working with confidence they were headed in the right direction with their piece.

Many thanks to Susan for coming to BACG and sharing her wealth of knowledge with our students. And thanks to Ilona and Stan for providing a wonderful lunch each day.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jewellery & Glass Art by Kay Tee's Kreations

One of our very talented pottery group members is also a jewellery maker and glass artist, as we discovered at the Open Day last Sunday.

Katrina's jewellery kept me busy browsing for quite some time on Saturday morning, and the glass art is beautiful - simple designs and beautiful colours.

This was just a selection of the jewellery on display

This is the piece I finally decided to buy - I love it!

The daisy plate is made using pieces of coloured glass, cut and placed on the molded glass plate, then fired in a kiln.

Simple designs and thoughtful colour choices make these a must for any table
If you are interested in Katrina's designs, please contact her by email at kay-tee (at) .

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blacktown Arts & Crafts Group Open Day - What a success!

A beautiful sunny day, great arts & crafts, and lots of welcome visitors - what more could we ask for?

A regular stream of people came through the gates and spent time visiting the talented members of BACG - perusing their arts & crafts, taking home some very creative items, and viewing the demonstrations of art, pottery and multi-crafts. It was great to see members of the local community, and some people from farther afield, supporting BACG.

The grounds surrounding The Huts was ideal for the stall holders to set up their tables and wares...

Each of the groups within BACG set up a stall and display of member's works...

Our talented artists put on a great display

A stall belonging to a couple of our members - a fantastic display

The BACG Fibre Group stall, with member's work for sale

Pottery and paintings for sale

Inside the pottery room, the work of the pottery classes was on display

And the trader stalls were very welcome...

BACG has donated some items, including a beautiful quilt to be raffled to help raise money for the Relay for Life for the Cancer Council of NSW. It was great to have them here as part of our Open Day.

Beautiful wooden beads



Patchwork and Quilting supplies courtesy of Maree at Material Girls Down Under

In the Art Room, the kids from the Children's Art classes created some bunting to showcase the work they are doing in their classes. Thanks for your hard work in creating these!!

All of the members who took part in the day had a wonderful time, whether they were demonstrating, working on a stall or just visiting. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the day possible!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blacktown Advocate pays BACG a visit...

In the lead up to the BACG Open Day, the Blacktown Advocate visited The Huts to find out more about what we do... please follow the link to read the article.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still Life Challenge

The Tuesday Evening Art class has undertaken a Still Life Challenge. Several of the students painted a still life in the class room, in pastel, oils and acrylic, to see the difference each medium and artist made to the final painting.

Set up...

Our tutor set up the still life (with no flowers as requested *lol*) and each student worked from a different angle.

The sketch...



It was really interesting to see how each student worked with their chosen medium. Everyone was really focused and enjoyed the challenge, taking breaks to wander around the room to see how the other students were going, discussing techniques for each medium.

By the end of the two hour class...




The students have continued to work on the paintings and the final works will be on display at the Blacktown Arts & Crafts Group Open Day on Sunday 26 September 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas?

Hard to believe it is only 5 months until Christmas... one of our members is working on her Christmas project.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

NEW Pottery Class on Monday nights

Ilona Ede, one of our experienced pottery tutors, has started a new evening class on Monday nights.

If you would like to learn how to hand-build your own pottery pieces, please come and join Ilona on Mondays, or in one of the other classes held throughout the week at The Huts. Click on the Pottery tab above for more information.

Works by Ilona Ede

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tatting with Marilyn

One of our members in an enthusiastic tatter! She has won many awards for her work. Marilyn has been invited to take part in an international swap with a Canadian Tatting Group, which she is enthusiastic about, and has already received a gift from an American tatter and has sent of her swap to a destination far away!

Here are some examples of Marilyn's fantastic work:

This small hat was quite a challenge!

A work in progress

And this is the beautiful piece she recently received from her North American swap partner:

For those, like me, who don't know much about tatting, it is a type of lace made with a shuttle. It is also known as shuttle-lace or shuttle-work.  It is distantly related to the crafts of netting and macrame. (Definition  from 'Golden Hands', Vol 1, page 254)

Embroidery Class

One of our talented members, Judy, teaches an Embroidery Class at The Huts once a month, so our busy stitchers and quilters can learn the embroidery stitches they need to complete their projects.

During each class the members learn new stitches and add to their samplers under Judy's guidance. The samplers are beautiful on their own!

Here are some examples of their handiwork being put to use in their quilting / stitching projects:

Spinning at The Huts

Recently, some members have been learning spinning with Brenda and Irene. We can't wait to see the pieces they create with the spun wool!

Pottery - Heads on Show

Our clever potters attended a series of 4 workshops on Handbuilding Dragons and Portraits of the Human Face with Susan Jorgensen, renowned ceramic artist and teacher at Kingswood TAFE. The workshops were held at The Huts during June/July and some great work has come out of the classes.

It will be great to see these once they are finished!